21-year-old lady gang raped at 14 to receive justice after 7yrs


The Police Administration has opened fresh investigations into a case in which a 21-year-old Mataheko resident was gang raped on her 14th Birthday.

Joy News has learnt some top officers on Monday initiated contacts with the victim, who can only be identified as Mariam.

The Administration has vowed to probe the matter as well as claims that officers at Korle Bu were lethargic when the issue was first reported.

Mariam was raped by at least five boys on a day she was celebrating her 14th birthday at Mataheko in Accra.

One of her male friends had invited her into his home with the bait that he had a gift to give to her, a gift she would never forget in her life.

Her expectations shot up at the mention of a birthday gift, she narrated to Joy News’ Fred Smith.

But it turned out to be sexual molestation as four boys tied her up for a package she had not anticipated. It was indeed a horrible gift she had since never forgotten.

“It was my friend who started with the rape,” she narrated with tears welling up in the sockets of her eyes.

The ordeal left her traumatized and distraught.

“I started behaving like a mad girl. I was down. Sometimes I would scream, I would shout. I was admitted to the Psychiatric hospital, moving from hospital to hospital, from medication to medication just to bring me back to normal,” she recounted her experiences.

She is bubbling with rage not for her attackers but over the failure of officers at the Korle Bu Police Station to arrest those who defiled her.

“Sometimes we will go there with my father and report their whereabouts but [one of the police officers] will say he is the only person in the station and cannot leave to arrest a mere criminal,” she said.

But after grappling with the matter for seven years, justice appears to be on the horizon.

The police Administration has taken up the matter, assigning officers to expedite investigations into the rape incident.

Some non-governmental organisations (NGOs) have also made contacts with Mariam to provide some form of help to her.

Source: myjoyonline.com


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