Akuapem Polo has been sentenced to 3months jail time.

Rosemond Alaide Brown well known as Akuapem Polo has been sentenced to 90days jail time after she pleaded guilty on all charges of publication of obscene materials, engaging in domestic violence in ways which undermines the privacy and integrity of another person and finally engaging in domestic violence which destroys the dignity of another human being.

The case presided over by Judge Mrs Christiana Cann, on Wednesday 14th April 2021 as by Law requested the convict to take a pregnancy test before her sentence is read to her.

16th April 2021 pregnancy results came out negative hence sentencing.

Judge Christiana Cann mentioned these cases are becoming common and normalized in our society and there’s the need for the court to Act on these cases.

The court also states it took into consideration all pleas of mitigations before arriving at the verdict.

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