Akuapem Polo sentencing put on hold as court awaits Pregnancy test.

Actress and Outspoken Rosemond Brown Aka Akuapem Polo took a massive backlash over impropriety of photos taken with her seven year of son June last year.

The actress was charge over nude pictures posted with son,
She was Charged on the basics of
Publication of obscene materials and domestic violence

Which she initially pleaded not guilty, when the case was first arraigned in court,
And later pleaded guilty on all charges on Wednesday 14th April 2021, based on this updated plea
Presiding Judge Christiana Cann convicted her at the Accra Circuit Court.

The Law requires to know her state as a woman before her sentence is read to her.
Thus,the need for a pregnancy test.

This has postponed her sentencing to 16th April 2021 after pregnancy results are out.

Is likely Akuapem Polo May face up to 3years jail time or even pay a fine.

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