All the people trolling me are ‘fools’ – Rashida Black Beauty


One time infamous girl, Rashida Black Beauty in a new Facebook post has slammed critics for speaking against her recently released nude video of herself on social media on Friday, July 21, 2017.

Rashida Black Beauty, who gained social media attention some time ago for raining unprintable insults on her ex-boyfriend took Ghanaians by surprise as she released a nude video of herself.

The act attracted criticisms from Ghanaians who felt she has gone wayward and completely out of order this time around.

In her new video on Facebook, Rashida Black Beauty claims only foolish people will see something wrong with it by condemning her.

‘You guys have time talking about me, instead of you taking a rest and relaxing after eating thinking and planning about your future, you are busily thinking about Rashida, then you have a very big problem. I am happily enjoying myself and some foolish people are trolling me, I will arrest anyone who tries to speak badly against me’, she said.

Reacting to this, Rashida recorded an 8 minutes video bashing Ghanaians for talking about her and also wondered if those criticising her don’t watch porn videos.

She also claimed she isn’t the first celebrity to do something like that so people should desist talking about her now or face legal charges.

According to her, her friends in US and UK are applauding her for uploading the video and are willing to support her financially if the need be to sue anyone who insults her on social media or any other platform.



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