“Belinda main source of wealth isn’t from hardwork” – Bishop Ajagurajah reacts to ‘Atieke seller’ who spent GH₵200k on drinks at viral ‘All Black’ party in Kumasi

Founder and leader Ajagurajah movement, Bishop Kwabena Asiamah popularly known as Bishop Ajagurajah aka Chopbar Sofo, has reacted to the CEO of Chez Amis Bar and Grill, Miss Belinda trending video for spending GH₵200k on drinks and he insisted that the lady does not make her money from just selling ‘Acheke’.

The owner of the famous ‘Acheke’ restaurant has since been topical after securing a table worth GH¢100,000 each for two days straight, at the viral Ridge Condos Ghana’s Exclusive All-Black Party that took place in Kumasi recently.

Exotic and very expensive champagnes such as; Azul, Ace of Spade, Dom Pérignon, Veuve, Bollinger, Krug, Clicquot and Cristal among others flooded her table amidst cheers and excitement from the crowd and the MC in a couple of videos that went viral.

Day 1 of the event was held on Friday, August 25, 2023, in Kumasi, and it saw many Ghanaian celebrities throng the venue.

However, in the wake of questions relating to her source of income, Bishop Ajagurajah has alleged that Belinda has seen the blueprint to riches.

In a Facebook live video, Bishop Ajagurajah said the ‘ Acheke ‘ business is just a cover-up to Belinda’s main source of wealth, which isn’t from hard work.

“It’s not hard work that makes people rich. Someone attended an All-Black Party, I mean an atieke seller and spent 2 billion Ghana cedis on drinks. 1 billion on each day for two days. She even spent that money on just drinks. And she sells what? Acheke ? (Bursts into laughter). You know the interesting part; she will tell people that she made her money from selling atieke and those who will venture into that business will sell atieke their whole life and not make any headway. Meanwhile, Maame Mansa has been selling atieke on this junction for several years. When I saw the girl, I screamed. Wow, what a woman. Looking at her stature, I was marveled.

“People have brainwashed you that all fingers are not equal so you don’t pursue prosperity. Men and women who cannot afford what she did should bow their heads in shame. There were prominent people at the party who couldn’t even afford what she got. It is not hard work. She has seen the way. She has seen the direction. The Atieke is just for formalities’ sake. It’s just like in my case where people know me as a chop bar pastor but don’t know I have the blueprint to wealth,” he said.

Watch the video below:

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