Bring your girlfriends to verify if I am a one minute man – Funny Face


In what seems to be a rebuttal to his ex-wife for describing him as a weak man in bed and an irresponsible husband, Funny face has asked his ex-wife to try harder rather than spreading falsehood about his power in bed.

In a forty-eight second video reacting to reports that he is a weakling in bed and that he is irresponsible, the comedian questioned his ex-wife what her definition for irresponsible is.

He said “If I was irresponsible, would I have bought a five hundred million car for you? If I was irresponsible would I have placed you as the financial controller of all the Funny Face projects we organized? My sister, come again”.

He indicated that he was not shocked that his ex-wife was making several claims about him because she did same about her ex-husband after they broke up before she met him (Funny Face).

On people who were trolling him for being weak in bed, the comedian asked them to bring their wives or fiancées and he will baptize them with several bouts of s*x.



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