Couple Serve Gari Soaking At Wedding Reception

Talk of cutting your coat according to your size. A couple trending online are doing so for the queerest of reason. They were actually bold enough to serve gari soakings and groundnut.

Aside from the fact that it’s very unusual to have soakings served at any event, it is universally known by West Africans that Gari is the final item anyone can resort to when they are broke. This manner of “broke-ness” is one that you are on when you have a last stretch of money you can spend. Gari with groundnut is the choice because it’s also nutritious. Nutritious as long as you add some milk and groundnut and not take raw soakings with sugar.

This sort of unconventional wedding serving will not be the first. Last year, a couple in Lagos Nigeria served Gari with fried fish. Check that image below:

The moral of this setting is to have new couples be bold enough to not put all their “startup” money into a big wedding and a luxurious reception.

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