Dawn of Snapchat Queens: Are Ghanaians finally embracing pornography?


In every society, there’s bound to be deviants who couldn’t care less about the norms and practices that shape it.

Snapchat is increasingly becoming popular among the youth and as such more and more people hop on that wagon each day.

In Ghana, the story is not different from young girls who are mostly unemployed keep themselves busy with satisfying their ardent viewers.

These group of self-made “boss chicks” have invaded the snapchat wagon and they’re in for business.

Snapchat is a great network to share your life with others but with this hostile takeover by these “Boss Chicks”, we’re bound to be getting more than we bargained for.

These young ladies mostly post sexually suggestive videos and pictures of themselves doing unspeakable things. With their so called “Premium Snapchat Accounts”, fans who pay the fee get to see so much more and most of these perverts tell EonlineGhana.Com that it’s worth every penny.

With this booming business which virtually costs nothing to operate, paves way for more young ladies to follow suit.

One of the many snapchat Divas who is very popular in this business is known widely as Queen Farcadi.

The excessively bleached self-acclaimed “Amber Rose” of Ghana has one of the largest following accounts on snapchat with her stories getting not less than 10K views a day.

Source: eonlineghana.com


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