Deputy Information Minister reacts to actress Kafui Danku blaming NPP gov’t for being charged GH₵1,000 for braids at the salon

Deputy Minister of Information, Fatimatu Abubakar has responded to actress Kafui Danku and asked the actress not to blame the government for everything particularly when she had the option of seeking services at a salon where she will be charged far less.

At Malata market last week, I paid 120ghc for my braids. 60ghc for the hair and 60ghc for workmanship. You make ridiculous choices, you pay ridiculous prices. Don’t blame government for everything. Hajia Mariam is my plug. If you need directions to the Salon, contact her.”

But it appeared the ‘Happy DeathDay‘ starred actress will not accept the Deputy Minister’s suggestion when she responded that she resided at East Legon and would be inconveniencing to drive a distance of 23km just to braid her hair.

Kafui Danku also expressed her disappointment with the deputy Minister for suggesting a place to her instead of taking measures to address the rip off that has flooded the system.

Just because we want distance convenience, is that why we should be ripped off. In certain other countries, the government can put measures in place to regulate service rates of not only salons but hotels and accommodation. For now, I know the main association that works is the transport union. As a deputy minister, you are supposed to be addressing the rip off with measures and not recommending me to someone at Malata Market. I have had braids done equally at cheaper rates. We all want to try different things at some point, and we would always appreciate social media as an e-place we can share our experiences.💌

In a later post on her Facebook reels with a video at the said salon, Kafui Danku asked her critics if they were aware service providers were taking advantage of recent taxes on goods?

For all those asking how is that NPP’s fault no, are you aware of the recent taxes on goods and everyone?

Some insensitive providers like this salon took advantage.

Charging 1000 cedis for braids without feeling bad.

 Do you know how much taxes I had to pay for goods I shipped from China last year? Ridiculous.,” Kafui Danku posted.

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