Effective Living Series: Understanding love language

On this edition of the Effective Living Series on Citi FM and Citi TV, the Chief Executive Officer of Hearts & Habits Foundation, Amos Kevin-Annan touched on “understanding your love language”.

Dr. Kevin-Annan urged work colleagues and people in relationships to study one another, as some people are able to verbalise issues, while others don’t.

Below are a few highlights from the interview Bernard Koku Avle had with Mr. Kevin-Annan.

Physical touch as love language: This is the most common form of love language. We have physical touch, abusive touch, exploitative touch and romantic touch. Others also use hugs as a love language.

Offering services: People in love are full of joy to render services or fulfil the needs of their partners. They always try to make their partners comfortable by meeting their needs. Some classmates are quick to go on errands for others. Delivering a service could be a great moment for some people.

Giving gifts: People in this category take note of events and anniversaries and are quick to send letters, cards, WhatsApp, and emojis to show affection for their partners, friends and families. Others buy tangible gifts, from the least expensive to the less expensive. Their intention is not so much about the cost but rather the thought.

Words of affirmation: Some people use words to validate you. They tell you how much you are worth through the things they say. They are very mindful of hurting words and stay away from them. They tend to give words that give a push to their partners or loved ones.

Spending quality time together: These individuals are always there for others. They are more interested in the quality of time, in which they are able to engage their partners and friends. But not necessarily the length of time.

Watch the full interview below: