Enough complaints! Do these things to stop him from cheating


Imagine being locked up in a room for months, where all you do is eat, chat and sleep; you will grow wild with boredom.

That is why partners in a relationship are advised to break the boredom by being creative and live their individual lives to the max.

The moment a married woman begins to think she is homebound and leaves all positive activities, she used to indulge in while she was dating her husband, she tends to be come boring to her partner.

Though it’s easier said than done, women must strive to love themselves first, if indeed they want to maintain their radiance and glow.

Now read below powerful tips on how to bring back the fire in your marriage.

Quit being agreeable to EVERYTHING

Woman, if you give an over-dose of nicety to your husband, you do not only stand the risk of losing the power of seduction, but you may even end up getting under his skin.

Trust me you appear creepy and rather pretentious by being extra-nice and obedient, to your husband.

Remember, pure goodness is rarely alluring. Occasionally let out hints of dark shades in your character. Be cruel, or even dirty if required, but don’t be predictable and a pain in the ass 24/7.

Exploit your sex appeal to the max

Visual appeal is extremely important for men. While women love through their brain, men love through their vision. It is imperative to keep your sex quotient up. Refrain from being complacent after marriage. Groom yourself, put in some efforts to keep yourself physically and mentally fit and energetic.

Satisfy his emotional and intellectual needs

In pursuing your efforts to appeal to his basic instincts, don’t forget to address his emotional and intellectual needs. His favorite colors, favorite sport, movies, books, etc should be at your fingertips.

Surprise him occasionally by gifting his favorites to him. Find out the recipe of his favorite snacks, dishes and drinks. Keep them ready for him when he’s back from office.

Study his mind and make your way into his spirit. Adopt yourself to his likes, dislikes and moods. As human beings, though we may pretend to be humble, deep down, we are all narcissists and self-obsessed. Caress it as much as you can and make him dependent on you.

Once you have managed to enter his spirit, you can buttress his defenses, and he will be unable to turn back from you.

Respect him

Though men may seem to be sexually oriented, at the top of any man’s wish list, is respect from his partner. Make him feel, not only through your words, but actions too, that you value his presence in your life.

 Boost his confidence

Contrary to their external appearance, men are like babies, who crave for compliments and affection. Boost his confidence, by validating his image about himself. This will enable him to open up with you. Tell him directly or subtly whatever you like about him. Telling him that you love him once a day, will make him feel good.

Source: asempanews.com


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