Exciting Images: Soul Clinic International School, Hold Successful Golden Games

On  the 20th of October 2018, the rank and file of the Soul Clinic International School , congregated at the EL-WAK sports stadium, to compete in different sporting disciplines and socialize.
The Golden Games was part of the year-long series of activities, to mark the school’s golden jubilee. It was a competitive event, as parents, teachers, students and old students, took turns to challenge each other, to different contests.
A group of parents from the Ghanaian community, gave the audience a treat of local exotic dishes and snacks. The excited patrons were gleeful to share their readiness for the climax to the #50YearsOfSoulClinic celebrations on the  8th of December.
With the presence of food vendors, horse rides, and firms like Decathlon, The First Group and GT Bank, parents kept themselves busy, with an array of retail activities while discussing investments for their wards.
With all these happening on the sidelines, the tracks buzzed with competitor and cheering supporters.  Here are the images:

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