Forgive Delay and focus on your life – Afia Schwarzenegger to Nana Tornado


Self-acclaimed Queen of comedy and TV personality, Afia Schwarzenegger has finally reacted to the raging media war between ‘Afia Schwarzenegger’ actor Nana Tornado and Deloris Frimpong Manso “Delay”

In an Instagram post, the TV personality wrote that she has forgiven Nana Tornado for telling lies about her and painting her black in the public’s eye.

“I was contacted a few weeks ago by @empress _ gifty whom you sent your apology to and she spoke n pleaded on your behalf, Let me start by saying the only person that truly believes you is me, everything you are saying is nothing short of the truth but do u understand why no one believes you? Because u have lied before, you lied against me to please people, but one thing I owe u and others for, is the drive u gave me, your betrayal made me trust God, even more, depend on him solely and gave me the drive to succeed”. She wrote

According to Afia Schwarzenegger, Nana Tornado and his likes could not break her by lying against her but rather their lies made her strong and gingered her in her quest to seek God and build her trust in him.

“You Nana Tornado gave me the strength not to trust anyone but God and I must thank you for I have achieved so much so very much by God’s grace. But I had to forgive myself for allowing myself to be used by people, I had to make a firm decision not to live a life of lies like u guys were n face reality as it comes, cos na Anumdwano ye more!!!”She added.

Afia further wrote that she has forgiven Nana Tornado and his cohorts because the bible tells her to.

“The Bible tells us to forgive those who trespass against us, Luke 11:4, Matthew 6:12, Eph 4:31-32, therefore I forgave all of you a long time ago” She wrote.

Afia Schwarzenegger advised Nana Tornado to stop granting interviews and forgive Delay for any wrong doing.

“Listen to me very good, just as u want me to forgive you, forgive Delay, enough of the interviews. (Nobody cares to be honest, they are only listening to laugh at u both) leave her to God n channel your anger towards your work” She advised.

Deloris Frimpong Manso and Nana Tornado have been friends for close to six years but the friendship went sour following a message Delay posted on Instagram, claiming that she takes nobodies like Tornado and turn them into somebodies.



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