Fun Saturday, as Osibisa Veteran, Bessa Simons joins Instagram. See all


Social Media has become a very easy way to reach family, friends and for those in positions of public interest, fans. Many Ghanaian celebrities and celebrities from across the world, usually take pride in the large social army they’ve built and will do virtually any thing to please this army. This is just a little price to pay, since this social army, serves as audience for the individuals personal broadcasting network.

One person who has just decided to harness the strength of social media is veteran Ghanaian musician and former Osibisa Member, Bessa Simons. The musician who was instrumental to the latter success of the acclaimed group, took to his brand new instagram page to say “Hi” to his new neighbours and then went on to share how excited he is to be on the platform. See both videos below and don’t forget to follow Uncle Bessa.



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