GAA accepts Martha Bissah’s apology

The Ghana Athletics Association (GAA) has accepted Martha Bissah’s apology and lifted the indefinite suspension placed on her in 2016. 

Bissah was suspended by the GAA for misconduct two years after she won a gold medal in the girls’ 800m race at the 2014 Summer Youth Olympics.

Bissah sent an unqualified apology letter last week to the GAA and the former President, Professor Francis Dodoo.

The Executive Committee met on Friday, November 26, to deliberate. At the end of the meeting, the GAA and Prof. Dodoo accepted apology and cleared her to represent Ghana.

“The GAA looks forward to Martha competing in our imminent domestic competitions beginning in early 2022, and to discussing with Martha ways in which we can help advance her personal and athletic goals, as we do for our other athletes,” GAA stated.

“The GAA Exco will during the next Congress inform the highest decision making body (the General Assembly) of the lifting of Martha Bissah’s suspension and decisions which are effective immediately.”

“In general, the GAA applauds Martha Bissah for being able to take the courageous decision and decisive step of accepting responsibility for her past statements.”

The GAA also expressed gratitude to the Minister of Youth and Sports, Mustapha Yussif for this maturity in handling the issue and to Prof. Peter Twumasi, the Director General of the National Sports Authority (NSA) for his intervention.

The Association believe without their interventions, the GAA would not have reached this amicable stage.

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