GPRTU calls on passengers to exercise restraint over calls for fares reduction

The Ghana Private Road Transport Union GPRTU says passengers must exercise restraint as it considers a reduction in transport fares.

Passengers of commercial vehicles have been calling for a reduction in transport fares after a marginal decrease in the prices of petroleum products at the various fuel stations in the first pricing window of the year.

Speaking to Citi News the Industrial Relations Officer of the GPRTU, Abass Imoro says they would reduce the transport fares when prices of fuel are further reduced significantly.

“It’s not automatic that every reduction of fuel will attract a reduction in fares, so the possibility of bringing the fuel prices down again, and reducing the lorry fare again is also there, so they should take it easy. When they reduce it [fuel] further to a reasonable price, we shall also see to it and touch on it,” the Industrial Relations Officer of the GPRTU assured.

He also bemoaned the high cost of spare parts and food items despite the 15 percent reduction of transport fares recently by transport operators.

“The prices of spare parts have never been reduced, even rice which was being sold at GH¢2, at our gate went up to GH¢5 and has not been reduced. Almost all the foodstuffs and everything that went up have never been reduced, but we have reduced ours to some extent,” the Industrial Relations Officer of the GPRTU stated.

Prices of petroleum products went down in the first pricing window of 2023 with petrol selling at GH¢12.40 and diesel going for GH¢14.60 at most pumps across the country.