Head Office should be observed as a security zone – Director of Passports

PassportDirector of Passports Alexander Grant Ntrakwa has called on Ghanaians to respect the privacy of its Ridge Head Office describing the place as a security zone.


Speaking on 3FM’s Sunrise, he expressed concern about how applicants have turned the security zone into a “market place” with long queues.

“The head office should be a security zone that nobody has to have access until one has an appointment to see somebody there,” he observed.

He said the appropriate authorities have been informed to take action on the situation.

“I am sure once we have finished the discussions we are having with our bosses we will be able to implement that to bring some sanity to the place”.

“We have already started by moving all the equipments that we have at the head office to Tema Station to beef up the strength there and I think that has reduced the number at the head office considerably and we hope to improve on that so that sooner or later we will not have people congregating at the head office”

The long queues in front of the passport office, delays in processing and issue of passports and ineffective communication with applicants have created a fertile ground for corrupt practices, a problem which has been in existence for some time.


Source: Nana Afrane Asante | tv3network.com | Ghana

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