Highest paid public sector worker receives GH¢33k every month – GSS report

The Ghana Statistical Service (GSS), has disclosed that the highest-paid public sector worker takes home GH₵33,855 every month.

According to GSS, the figure is close to 81 times higher than the net salary of the lowest-paid worker which is GH¢418.

“The average monthly net salary of public sector employees is GH₵2,594. The highest paid earner takes home GH₵33,855, which is close to 81 times as high as the net salary of the lowest paid worker (GH₵418),” the GSS disclosed in its report.

GSS in its report dubbed “Ghana 2022 earnings: Inequality in the public sector” noted that “the top 10 percent of the employees with the highest net salaries earn 22 percent of the total net salary. Half of the employees earn only one-third of the total net salary”.

Per the report, public sector workers in the Greater Accra Region receive higher salaries than their counterparts in other regions.

According to the GSS, while some public sector workers earn an average monthly net salary of GH₵3,142, others in the North East Region receive around GH₵2,212.

“Greater Accra has the highest average monthly net salary (GH₵3,142) with North East recording the lowest (GH₵2,212),” GSS said in the report.

GSS in the report also disclosed that men have a higher average monthly net salary of GH₵2,669 as against women’s salary of GH₵2,504.

“The difference between the average net salary of men and women is GH₵165. This means that the gender pay gap is 6.0 percent. Men have a higher average monthly net salary, of GH₵2,669, while women have an average of GH₵2,504. The average monthly net salary of women is lower than that of men in all 16 regions,” the report stated.

The GSS in its report added that women in the Central Region earn less than men with a gender pay gap of 5.0 percent.

“The difference is highest for employees in the Upper West region, with men earning on average GH₵348 more than women. This is a gender pay gap of 13 percent. In the Central Region the difference between men and women is the least, with women earning GH₵124 less than men. This means the gender pay gap of 5.0 percent,” the GSS stated in its report.