I got so many people inspired through ‘Wire Me’ – Adelaide The Seer discloses

Ghanaian singer, Adelaide Naa Borley Bortier Afutu

“Visually impaired” Ghanaian singer, Adelaide Naa Borley Bortier Afutu, popularly known as Adelaide The Seer, has disclosed that her song, ‘Wire Me’ inspired a lot of people because of the message it carries.

The singer made this revelation on a special edition for the visually impaired on the GTV Breakfast Show, October 14, 2021.

According to Adelaide The Seer, her childhood dream is to be in a position where she can put smiles on people’s faces and her song ‘Wire me’ impressed many and it has pushed her to do more.

“On the other hand, I hear comments like, it is not true, she is not blind, she just needs attention, or she is just taking advantage of the fact that she is visually impaired to enter the media space. And those comments, I don’t see it as a joke, so I won’t play with them. Those are the kind of comments that really get me down.” She stated.

Adelaide also creates motivational audios through stories, to put smiles on people’s faces

The singer, 25, born Adelaide Bortier, came into the limelight, when she was featured on a song with Twin Musicians, Dope Nation titled ‘Wire Me’.

Adelaide has two collaborations with Dope Nation with the latest being “What A God”.

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