I’d love to live in Naija – Kisa Gbekle


If budding actress, Kisa Gbekle had her way, she would have relocated to Nigeria to ply her trade because the Ghanaian movie industry is doing little to explore her potentials.

For her, the Ghana movie industry is not working, especially the English speaking sector thus Nigeria, where the industry is booming is the ideal country for her star to shine.

“Honestly if relocating to Nigeria was possible, trust me, I would be gone a long time ago. I have a family in Ghana and it would not be appropriate to leave them here and go stay there. Apart from that, I love Ghana and I have hope that it will be well soon though.

“I am convinced the Nigeria industry would have given me the platform to exhibit my talent fully because the movie industry there is booming. If I were resident in Nigeria, I would be shooting movies at least twice every week. That cannot be said about ours. Here, you can sit for six months and not even a call and you are expected to survive,” she said in an interview with Showbiz.

Talking about her work experience in Nigeria, Kisa said, “Working in Nigeria is cool. They like to give new faces a chance, so I guess that’s how they got me and it is a good thing. It helps the industry to grow. That does not happen in Ghana. Here, once they get used to a face, they want to use that person till he or she fades out and by that time, others would have moved on to other things and then the movies become stale”, she added.

Kisa, who also deals in waist trainers said that business has been good and another reason why she still lives in Ghana. “I mean I have bills to pay and I ask myself how much I will make it if I should solely depend on acting. How many movies can I feature in a month or six months and make money. Let’s not forget there is family too.

“So for me, I’m currently into the sale of waist trainers and other business. They support me here and there. If I get called for a role, I will eat and if otherwise too, I will eat, that has been my rule for the past two years,” she said.

When asked if she is not able to get roles because she is not a good actor, Kisa who is a product of the Ghallywood Academy said “No, it is not a matter of me being a bad actress. Of course, I am talented but then the thing is, there is no money in Ghana anymore where movie making is concerned.

“You know what, let’s do a survey and see how many movies have been produced since the beginning of the year and how many were sold. We can even ask the actors the number of movies they have featured in and how much they were paid. You will be disappointed at the result.

“In my opinion, the only way I think we can correct these errors is to change the structures. Government should invest into the industry and make it attractive, and producers should give new faces the chance to take up roles. The media should support the upcoming ones, there should be regulations online,” she noted.

Kisa started acting in secondary school. Upon completion, she joined the Volta Regional Theatre group and from there, she enrolled into the Ghallywood Academy.

Movies she has featured include Accra Runs, 8PM, The Will, Accra Hustler, Thank God Its Friday, Hurts, The Actress and The Miser TV series.

Source: Graphic.com.gh


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