Ing. Mahama reacts to concerns over Ho-Adidome Sogakope unathorised speed ramps

Roads and Buildings Consultant, Ing. Abudulai Mahama, has reacted to the unauthorised speed ramps erected by some residents of Ho-Adidome Sogakope, in the Volta Region.

Some drivers and commuters who ply the road have called on the Ghana Highways Authority to remove the illegal speed ramps constructed by the unknown residents, complaining that the ramps have been causing damage to their vehicles.

Reacting to this on Citi TV’s Breakfast Daily, the Roads and Buildings Consultant advised drivers to be extra careful when driving through congested communities.

He observed that most residents in the country illegally construct speed ramps to prevent the rampant killing of their families and neighbours by drivers.

He warned that it’s illegal for persons to construct speed ramps without seeking proper documentation.

“The same drivers who are complaining across the country are the necessary evil. They are the same people who are not applying the basic rules when driving. And so when I’m in a community, two or three people have been knocked down by drivers, obviously, they will protect ourselves. And maybe if they are to go through the bureaucratic process a lot of people more people may be knocked down, but it’s illegal though”.

“In as much as we are going to blame the residents for the construction of the ramps, the first culprits are the drivers who are not applying basic common sense when driving,” he fumed.

Ing. Mahama admonished drivers in the country to apply common sense when driving within towns and villages in order not to cause accidents, adding that it’s pointless for drivers to embark on reckless speeding when driving within communities.

“But basic common sense must always be applied to our driving on the roads. You don’t necessarily need to have a speed ramp in a community.”

“There is adequate information that when are you approaching a community, you lift your leg off the pedal and drive within the regulated speed,” he said on Citi TV’s Breakfast Daily.