King Promise exposed over lyrical theft in R2bees’ song

It has become very common for most mainstream musicians to steal lyrical contents from upcoming musicians for their selfish gains

Many musicians so far have been exposed for such acts and the current one we have here is Legacy Life Entertainment label act King Promise

Brazilian based Ghanaian musician by name Sammant seems unhappy with King Promise and has threatened to sue him for using his lyrics without his consent

According to him, He released a song in 2018 titled “Pompeya” which features female rapper Eno Barony, and some of the lyrics he used in the song have been used by King Promise

Watching the video below, it seems Sammant is right with his claims since some verses in his song are same as what King Promise delivered on that R2bees joint with him titled “Picture”

We respect our musician for the hardwork they put in entertaining us but what we don’t understand is why they steal other musician’s lyrics and claim to be their intellectual property

This kind of act is making some musicians very lazy to write and deliver on their songs like they used to.

Watch what we have here between Sammant and King Promise

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