KUSAUG chiefs call for restoration of peace in Bawku

Divisional chiefs of the KUSAUG Traditional Area are calling for an independent and non-partisan investigation into alleged shootings and killings of some residents in their jurisdiction.

Residents of Bawku on Wednesday, February 1, 2023, accused the military deployed to Bawku of allegedly killing some civilians which allegation the military denies.

But the divisional chiefs of the KUSAUG traditional area are demanding compensation for the bereaved families and urgent investigations to unravel the perpetrators of last Wednesday’s killings and appropriate punishment meted out to them to serve as a deterrent.

Following the alleged military killings of almost ten civilians in Bawku, residents say they live in a state of fear and panic.

Divisional chiefs and residents of KUSAUG bemoaned the prolonged acts of violence and criminality in the area and thus called for a lasting solution.

They described the acts of alleged military killings in the area as unprofessional and unwarranted in a democratic dispensation.

They expressed worry at the excesses of the military indicating that, persons who come into conflict with the laws of the land ought to be arrested and prosecuted but not killed.

At a press conference in Bawku, the divisional chiefs, want government to as a matter of urgency commission an independent inquiry into the incident, punish persons found culpable, and compensate the bereaved families.

Patrick Adakurugu who is the spokesperson for the KUSAUG traditional council said: “our overlord has constantly admonished us to prevail on our subjects to be peaceful. But for his exceptional patience and commitment to peace, the conflict in Bawku would have escalated to unimaginable proportions. It is in this context that we wish to express our deep concern over the spate of lawlessness and the killing of innocent civilians by the military personnel deployed to the township to protect lives and property.”

“While we remain loyal and committed to the orders of our overlord, we wish to point out that there is a limit to what the patience and the peace commitment of our overlord can do to restore peace in Bawku. This is why we are calling for urgent steps to be taken to bring an end to the criminal acts of violence in our traditional capital,” Mr. Adakurugu.