Learn culture of resignation – Nyaho Tamakloe to Ghanaian leaders

One of the founding members of the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP) Dr. Nyaho Nyaho Tamakloe has identified the failure of Ghana’s leaders to step down when their administration heads in the wrong direction as one of the inimical factors to the country’s progress.

He makes the point that until such a time leaders of the country adopt what he terms a “culture of resignation”, Ghana will continue to face socio-economic challenges brought on by bad governance.

“I believe that, if we had been in a democratic institution, most of the ministers would have resigned because we are trending wrongly. It takes some time to build a strong democracy but at the same time, we shouldn’t forget the same democracy can be destroyed within a second”.

“We have to learn the culture of resignation. If we do that, the problems of this country will be solved”, he said.



Dr. Tamakloe was speaking as part of a lecture themed; “The 1992 constitution – A Fundamental Law for our Prosperity or a well-crafted guide for our economic doom” at the University of Professional Studies, Accra (UPSA) on Thursday.

The event was organized by the Chairman of AB & David Africa, David Ofosu-Dorte as a Constitution Day lecture.

There, the NPP stalwart said the panacea to the democratic mess being faced in the country is the ability of the Ghanaian leader to be guided by principles in the day to day administration during their tenure of office.

“To me, it is the inability of the Ghanaian  –  be a leader or an honorable person in society to say No on principle is our problem. If our Ministers can say No, they will resign”, Dr. Tamakloe stressed.