Luther replies Ebony with ‘Chop Your Mother’


Few days after Ebony released her latest single ‘Date Ur Fada,’ Luther has done what can be described as a reply to the song.

In ‘Date Ur Fada,’ Ebony implores her boyfriend not to break her heart or she will date his father. She says she doesn’t need money and other material things to love her boyfriend and that all she needs is care and attention.

In ‘Chop Your Mother,’ Luther points out his ‘girlfriend’ (Ebony) is already dating his father and just wants a excuse to ditch him. He also accuses the woman for all the negatives she accuse her man in ‘Date Ur Fada’ and dispels claims by the woman that she does not need all the luxury of life. According to him, all those claims are lies.

The two songs reflect the various accusations, insecurities, lies and disappointments is relationships, from the perspectives of either sex.

‘Chop Your Mother’ uses the same instrumentation as ‘Date Your Fada.’

Already, people have started questioning the propriety of Luther doing a version of Ebony’s ‘Date Ur Fada’ just two days after its release.

Listen to Ebony’s ‘Date Ur Fada’ and Luther’s ‘Chop Your Mother’ below:



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