Masturbation by ‘foolish virgins’ likely to increase heart attacks amongst men – Lutterodt


counsellor Lutterodt

Controversial radio and television relationship counselor, George Lutterodt, is warning that the quest for sexual satisfaction and compatibility is likely to rock havoc in the lives of many young men.

He is predicting that more men will risk getting heart attacks in the next 10 years due to the practice of masturbation by women he calls “foolish virgins”.

Counsellor Lutterodt in an interview on 3FM’s Sunrise morning show Friday said: “I am promising the boys who are coming that more heart attacks are going to happen on bed in the next ten years.

He explained that one’s previous sex life has an impact on their relationship or the marriage.

“That is why sex before marriage is not helpful but modernization says test it.

“I can promise you that many young men will have heart attacks in their quest to satisfy their partners. This is because most of these ladies are practicing their own forms of virginity where they do not have sexual intercourse. They however resort to masturbation and other forms of sexual satisfaction like the use of vibrators.

“So when you are married to someone whose sexual satisfaction is tied in to a vibrator, there is no way you can satisfy them sexually; you’ll die with heart attack, trying to achieve that.”


The eccentric counselor whose position on matters of marriage and relationship is usually contrary to views held by many marriage and professional counselors argues that the previous sexual lives of individuals have a serious effect on their marriages.

He also cites some factors that fight against sexual compatibility or satisfaction in relationships.

“Certain factors like bad breath and smell in peoples’ hair attract or put off their partners. Unfortunately some people are not willing to listen to the complaints or suggestions of their partners about their body odours. Others have issues with disorders which are mentally related and must be dealt with.

By Mercy C. Adjabeng & Nana Afrane Asante |

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