Men who abuse women are cowards – Becca


After Nigerian Actress Tontoh Dikeh shocked the world with her story of spousal abuse with pictorial evidence, ladies suffering in silence were motivated to speak up.

Ghanaian actress Vicky Zugah was one of the celebrities who also admitted that her ex-boyfriends used to beat her. Television personality Stacy Amoateng also expressed her disgust over the fact that women are abused by men who claim they love them and other celebrities joined in the campaign as well.

In an interview with multiple award-winning musician, Becca, on her thoughts on domestic violence, she stated: “Anybody who abuses women is just not a confident person; anybody who abuses women does not believe in themselves because if you believe in yourself you know the essence of a woman and you will never touch a woman, abuse them physically, emotionally, whatever it is you will never do it so clearly there are men who don’t believe in themselves and have issues they need to solve it out.”

The songstress turned 33 today and to mark her birthday she decided to celebrate with traders and kayayei at the Makola market.

Becca is now signed to Zylofon Music on a 3-year contract, where the label would produce, promote and market her music, and already, the label has produced about four of her music video.



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