Must Watch: Agya Koo Unveils Million Dollar Mansion.

From a Cobbler, an actor, and a political party promoter, Agya Koo has unveiled his million-dollar mansion.
The building, located in Kumasi took him 16 years to complete. Agya Koo said he decided to show his house so the up-and-coming youth to take their time and be diligent in their work. He advised the youth about savings culture.
Agya Koo stated during an interview at his home that, he didn’t start big. When he started, all he wanted was a single bedroom on land that he owned where he could lay his head. The end result is however a magnificent edifice that befits a show of hard work.

Asked how he came about the building, Egya Koo said he was able to purchase portions of the land because it was handed over to the government. He made this purchase in 2007 and at that time, the whole place was not inhabited.

He also advised the youth to look to God and not use quick money schemes to attain wealth. Here’s a video of the mansion

Kofi Adu born also known as Agya Koo is a Ghanaian actor and comedian. In June 2016, Adu got married to Rita Asiedu in London, UK after dating for 4 years.

He was previously married to Victoria Owusu Adomako but divorced. He has appeared in over 200 Ghanaian movies including popular movies among Ghanaians such as Obaatanpa, Away Bus, Black Star, and Ma Trick Wo.

Adu is originally from the Ashanti Region of Ghana but lived in a suburb in Accra Newtown called Asantewaa. He worked as a cobbler. Adu was discovered on a Ghanaian comedy show on GTV (Ghana National Television) at the National Theater in Accra, where he worked as a comedian warming up the crowd.

In July 2008, he was awarded a National Award by then-Ghanaian President John Agyekum Kufuor. Although he originally journeyed to Accra to sing, Agya Koo has been featured in over 90 Ghanaian movies, 15 of which remain his favorite.

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