My rings are big enough to scare men away – Actress


For years Nollywood screen star, Dakore Egbuson stayed off the movie scenes shortly after her celebrated marriage to Olumide Akande, son of Nigerian Billionaire, Harry Akande.

Now the beauty is back on set; we sought to know why she has been away for so long and she had this to say. “I’m a bit offended that this old question is still being asked even when I’m working and got the nomination for Best Actress at AMAA for my role in the movie entitled ‘50’. You know progression is important.

I can’t keep on doing things at the same level. I need to progress, so I must leave the field for the younger ones. I cannot be hustling now the way I used to hustle ten years ago.

The upcoming ones should be given the space to do that. You hustle smart and not hard. I’ve moved from the Asaba movies,(low budget movies) though it trained and made me.

I’m doing more cinema works and you know that kind of work is not as regular and on the faces people as the other. I’ve also been very picky about my works and what I lend my name and energy to. It just can’t be like before when I was in all the films.

On her good looks and advances from younger men, she had these words to share “they no dey toast me o. Them dey mad?’ They know this is not a girl.

There is a way you’d see a woman that’s slim, trim, fair and fine but you’d also realize this woman isn’t my mate. They know so they don’t come near me. Yes, we would say ‘hi’ from a distance and that’s as far as it would go.”

How about older men? They’re not that bold. They know I’m married. Look at these rings (she thrust forward her finger) and you’d know they’re big enough.

There’s no way you’d just want to do that. After seeing the rings there’s no way you wouldn’t lose the courage even if you’d gathered it before. They just feel, ‘I can’t compete with that’ which is great. Kudos to Mr. Akande!



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