NDC man threatens to quit party over unfair treatment

Mr Sumaila Nartey
Mr Sumaila Nartey

A caretaker at the Bolgatanga Constituency office of the National Democratic Congress, Sumaila Nartey, has threatened to quit the party due to what he claims to be unfair treatment and lack of respect for him by the party members.

He told TV3 that the party members have accused him of assaulting a woman, which has resulted in a court case before the Bolga Magistrate Court. The case is scheduled to be called in Court Wednesday.

Mr Nartey denied assaulting the woman, noting that he only cautioned her against the misuse of facilities, especially electricity, at the constituency office. According to him, electricity bills for the office are paid from his pocket aside maintaining the party’s office.

He alleged that the constituency office has become the centre for some party members to heat water, charge their mobile phones  and use other appliances, something he said leaves him with huge electricity bills at the end of each month.

The man accused the constituency executives of the party of being behind the woman in a bid to tarnish his image, all because he supported an aspiring parliamentary candidate during the NDC primaries last year.

He said notwithstanding these sacrifices for the past 16 years, he has not benefited from the party, claiming job opportunities are sometimes given to other party members in his presence without being considered.

Attempts at getting the constituency executives and said woman to respond to the allegations against them have proved futile.

By Rabiu Tanko|3news.com|Ghana

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