New chiefs enskinned by overlord of Dagbon pending performance of funeral of late chiefs

The overlord of Dagbon, Yaa Naa Abubakar Mahama II has enskinned new Chiefs for Sang and Nyakpala communities in Dagbon.

The communities until today were occupied by regents.

There have been calls by the traditional authorities in Dagbon for the regents to perform the funerals of their late fathers to pave the way for new chiefs to be enskinned.

But in the case of Sang and Nyakpala the regents were indifferent.

According to Dagbon traditional council registrar, a regent does not take long on the skin before performing the funeral of the late father, but the two regents were adamant hence the decision of the Overlord to enskin new chiefs for the communities.

“Today, the Overlord of Dagbon has made some enskinments. The Overlord has enskinned Sang Lana, Nyakpala Lana, and Kuglugu the Queen mother. There has been a tussle for some time now between the Gbewaa Palace and the regents of Sang and Nyakpala. Nyakpala for instance, the regent has been there for about 4 years now which is not the best considering the customs and traditions of the area. At Sang, the regent has been the regent for 9 years and people are in the queue waiting for him to perform his father’s funeral for them to also get the opportunity to be selected.”

The Council’s registrar said His Majesty has on a number of occasions engaged the regents and their respective families to perform the funerals but all to no avail. The registrar said, the regents sometimes gave their own timelines but end up failing to comply. The Yaa Naa in the last engagement gave them timeliness which has elapsed, and he can not keep people waiting.

“His majesty has engaged them and their respective families many times to a point of them giving their own timelines but all have not come to pass. For this reason, the Overlord has to use them as examples to enskin chiefs for the two communities. He does not own the performance of the funerals but as for the titles, it’s within his bosom. It is his right to enskin chief for the communities. As for the funerals, they’re left to the families to perform them as and when they want.”

The new Chief for Sang is Chief Mahama Yakubu, and he has since left for the community.

The chief for Nyakpala is Nyakpalana Mohammed Ibrahim.

They have both since left for their respective communities.