Niger wants same sex relationships criminalised

Ghana will not be the only African country where some lawmakers are demanding the criminalization of same-sex relationships.

A group of lawmakers in Niger has backed a motion seeking to criminalise same-sex relationships in the country, citing that the acts are against the religious and cultural beliefs of the people.

The proposal was presented by a lawmaker from the southern region of Maradi Nana Djibou Harouna, to the Nigerien Speaker of Parliament.

Similarly, Ghana’s Parliament has begun considering a bill that would criminalise homosexuality and make advocating for Lesbians, Gays, Bi-sexual and Transgender (LGBT) people a crime.

At a press conference in the capital on Thursday, the Nigerien legislator said that the move was meant to protect the rights and interests of the public.

Mrs. Harouna described homosexuality as a problem affecting the Niger society.

She said they had carried out wide consultations and that the proposal had received the support of Nigerien citizens as well as nearly all MPs.

“The problem is affecting our society,” she said.