No one deserves what Afia Schwarzenegger is going through – Anita Erskine


Media personality, Anita Erskine, has bemoaned how Ghanaians were readily alert in spreading nude pictures and videos of popular Ghanaian comedian, Afia Schwarzenegger, saying ‘it was inhumane and not deserving even for Afia.’

Anita Erskine wrote on her Facebook wall a rather deep and thought-provoking piece from her visit to Afia after the incident.

On her page, she stated that half way through her stay with Afia she felt a hefty blend of humiliation, fear, confusion, emotional torture and above all abandonment in her voice as their conversation spotlighted everything from the night of the incident.

She said although she didn’t want to seem like a nosy reporter she had a genuine zeal to discover the actual truth in order to lift her voice in the need to fight for women justice.

Afia Schwarzenegger She pointed out certain findings after their long talk stating that if journalists swore an oath before assuming office or going out into the field of work the way doctors and lawyers do, then they would be consciously researching, powerfully informing, and thoroughly following through to aggressively protect the subjects of their stories.

She stated that every human being, no matter how overtly and overly boisterous, can indeed hurt baldy and be broken into tiny pieces in a way that can have an eventual wholesome destruction if other parties don’t intervene.”

…Women, in particular, own what I call “The Skill to Create the Fabulous Art called Covering Up…” be it abuse, violence other anything that clearly poses as a threat to their lives” she added.

She continued that for a very vocal generation, with the internet and technology fast spreading, people keep silence about the “truth that hurts us and would rather showcase a “forced” strength, camouflaged in laughter, smiles, and terms of endearment, in order to protect and shield the ones they love however, it was time people stood up and fought for their voices to be heard.”

“Afia’s life is exactly that….her’s. It’s as simple as that. As a full grown adult, how she lives it and with whom for that matter, is her choice. As a citizen, human being and woman, her protection is our ‘especially when a clearly domestic affair, has become a public circus.”



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