Patrons frustrated as Births & Deaths Registry runs without electricity for 3 weeks

For weeks, persons who require the services of the Births and Deaths Registry have been turned away.

This is because the Central Registry of the facility does not have electricity for the past three weeks.

This has affected the printing and issuance of certificates.

Some persons who visited the office for their certificates and other businesses were left frustrated due to the power outage.

The management of the Births and Deaths Registry has thus assured that it’s doing everything possible to have power restored to its head office by the end of the week.

Speaking to Citi News, the Public Relations Officer for the Registry, Adam Abdulai, said work will resume soon.



“We have a power issue. First, it was a precautionary measure we were having by cutting down power to prevent anything untoward from happening. But it has retracted a little by now. They are working on it, trying to make sure that the light is resolved within the week,” he assured.

He encouraged the public to access their online portal for any processes relating to births and deaths.

“This is a great opportunity for people to know that we have an online platform they can access, and you don’t need to come to any births and deaths registry office to start your process. All our services are online at Look for the births and deaths registry when you go there.

“I would want to inform the public that our services are best accessed at the district levels when people are born than to walk to the head offices,” the Public Relations Officer for the Births and Deaths Registry stated.