Policy to restrict amount of land acquisition kick-starts

land not for sale

The Lands Commission has held a stakeholder consultative forum to gather inputs into a policy document that seeks to make the sale of large parcel of land more transparent.

This is to limit the regular occurrence of land grabbing by multinational companies and the multiple sale of land that has taken roots in the country’s land market.

The policy is also expected to boost the agricultural sector and ensure that foreign investment into agriculture are secured.

It seeks to make title holders of parcels of land identifiable.

Most land buyers are duped because they are unable to identify the exact owners of the land at the initial stages of negotiations, thus making them susceptible to fraud.

Prospective land buys sometimes enter into negotiation with people who do not have the legal rights to lease or sell the land to them.

Executive Secretary of the Lands Commission Dr Wilfred Anim-Odame,  told Onua FM that the implementation of the policy will be geared towards directing foreign investment into the agricultural industry.

“One of the most important provisions in the policy will be to regulate the size of land that individuals or institutions can acquire. We have instances where people buy large pieces of land for projects that they needed very little for,” he said.

“People are actually hoarding land and then making it difficult for others to also become property owners, so, as managers of land in the country we (Lands Commission) think this must stop,” he said.

“It is our hope that the policy will bring into place detailed regulation of the land sector and ensure that land is shared equitable and protected for future generations,” he added.

Currently, the policy is in the formulation stage, however, the Lands Commission is positive that a final draft will be submitted to cabinet by the end of July for approval.

Nii Okai Tetteh|Onua 95.1FM|3news.com|Ghana

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