Quick Read: E.L answers questions about eye-catching overdose video


Multiple award winning Afrobeat musician, singer, rapper and producer, Elorm Adablah, popularly known as EL, has released his new music video for his song “Overdose”, and has talked about what went into the production of the video.

1. You toured Nigeria last year, how has that influenced your craft and the way you work?
Touring Nigeria was a real eye opener
I made some valuable connections and came to the realization that systems and infrastructure matter in Africa now more than ever.
Also confirmed the real winner of the Jollof war.

2. How will you describe your year in 3 words?
Blessed Beyond Measure

3. Is your new release a way of announcing something bigger?
Yes, the overdose Music video is set to be one of the biggest videos released this year, the re-release of the single is to set the tone and re orient fans.

4. What inspired the style of the video?
The idea behind the track was to achieve an overdose of pure style and beauty, its to make the viewer smile and feel a sense of Joy when they watch.

5. What’s your favorite thing about working on the video?
I enjoyed the whole experience, flying to U.K. To meet the team, and watching them bring the whole concept to life with me being a fly on the wall and the main focus at the same time. More than anything it was the learning experience I treasured the most.

6. What makes a classic classic song for you?
A classic song is one that can stand the test of time … simply put, something our grand children can vibe to.

7. What about this video are you definitely going to repeat?
Perhaps I will work with the Director and his team a few more times, they rock.

8. What are you doing differently with this release?
This is the first time I’ve ever re released a track for renewal sake. I don’t imagine ever doing it again, I just figured the original release didn’t get the exposure it deserved and with a new video in the mix to back it ,I imagine it will do justice to the true quality of the music.

9. What was your reaction when you first saw the edited video?
Felt proud of our achievement thus far, hope that fans feel the same.

10. What’s your mood ahead of the release?
I’m always on cloud 9 in my head.

11. Where was the video shot?
Smack in the middle of London, UK.

12. Describe the budget for this video with a Ghanaian landmark.

JoeyB’s House

13. What is the craziest/sweetest comment you’ve seen on your YouTube channel?

YouTube comments? I don’t read those, do you?, seriously asking…

14. Which non-Ghanaian act will you feature on the remix should he/she jump into your dm?

Ed Sheeran

15. How can fans watch the video?

It’ll be out soon on my New YouTube Channel >> VonationVideos 🎶🙏

Thank you EL for your time.

 Credit: Rosemond Bessa-Simons


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