Sarkodie didn’t outshine my hit song – Kurl Songx


Ghanaian musician, Kurl Songx, has rejected claims that rapper, Sarkodie, has taken away his shine on the hit song “Jennifer Lomotey”.

Sarkodie, who did the rap on the song, had been in the news for a line he said in his rap regarding the women of Krobo.

In the song, the award-winning rapper mentions Jennifer Lomotey, whom he says is a Krobo. According to Sarkodie, the Krobo lady was able to “ride” him well in bed because Okomfo Anokye has cursed her with ”adwaman” (promiscuity).

This angered citizens of the Krobo area who argued that the rapper’s lyrics are a ”deliberate” and ”calculated” attempt to denigrate and make a mockery of Krobo women. They also said they were at a loss as to how Sarkodie could stoop low to commercialize a “sensitive and fabricated lie, a stereotype and a myth” and profit from it at the expense of a tribe.

In the heat of the argument, many Ghanaians assumed the song was Sarkodie’s instead of Kurl Songx’s. But the 2016 MTN Hitmaker winner said that controversy did not make Sarkodie more popular than him on the song. In his view, he has rather gained a lot of publicity.

Speaking on Entertainment Capital on Accra100.5FM, Kurl Songx said: “The attention is not on Sarkodie but rather, it has even given me the wider mileage. This is because as an artist you look at the positive side of whatever you do. And I won’t say Sarkodie has gotten all the attention because the part people sing most is the chorus and inasmuch as Sarkodie is a big artist, people ask who sang the chorus and when they find out it is Kurl Songx, they want to find out who Kurl Song is. So to me it has affected me positively.”



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