Sex is too much work, I don’t like it – Mzbel


Songstress Mzbel has said she prefers to date older men because they talk about ideas to help you grow in every aspect of your life rather than young guys who demand too much sex.

According to the “16 years” hitmaker, she sees sex as too much work and do not like it so in order to prevent it, she takes delight in dating older men.

She said “My issue with dating younger guys is basically sex. I don’t like to have sex. The demand for sex when dating a younger guy is higher. I don’t know why I don’t like sex but I think it’s too much work”.

She also revealed that she is always in the news because she tries to fight back to prove she is not a bad girl although most Ghanaians see her to be one.

“When people criticise me for being a bad girl I break down and I want to fight that’s why I keep trending because I will fight you for saying I’m a bad girl.”



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