Shocking!!! Female Teachers in rural Ghana trading sex for survival


Some female teachers who accept posting to rural Ghana after undergoing training have to be in amorous relationships with some opinion leaders and some village chiefs in the communities to survive.

Teachers who refuse these sexual advances have no option than to possibly starve or lose the passion for the job for which they are posted into the community.

The teachers, it has been revealed are enticed with foodstuffs and bush meat into accepting to be in amorous relationship with the village champions due largely to the failure of government to provide the needs of the teachers when posted.

This situation has caused many young female teachers to refuse postings to rural Ghana after school, a situation which calls for urgent attention.

First National Trustee of the Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT) Madam Victoria Affram confirmed on Adom FM’s Morning Show, ‘Dwaso Nsem’ that the teachers become vulnerable because government fail to take care of them after they have been posted.

She said, because government don’t pay newly posted teachers on time, the vulnerable female teacher have to go through this in the village while others who can’t cope with the situation do not go at all.

Madam Victoria Affram called on government to ensure prompt payment of salaries to newly posted teachers in rural Ghana to curb the situation.

“They are not given T and T and when they go to the village, they are accommodated by opinion leaders in the community who later make love proposals to them…many become pregnant later, are forced to become the 2nd and 3rd wives of the opinion leaders and lose their respect as role models for the young girls…,” she said.

Madam Victoria Affram who said this forms part of the main reasons for some female teachers denying posting to rural areas called on government to build teaching quarters to accommodate teachers.

Young male teachers, he said also become drunkards because of the lack of facilities in the rural areas.

To her, until the government works to rectify all of these, newly trained teachers would continue to deny posting to rural areas.



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