Sobolo Royals: A Made in Ghana Testimony




The sermon on supporting made in Ghana has been widely preached and advertised. With Ghana looping the Year of Return, which has seen black Hollywood and many other figures return to the motherland, the story has never been louder.

However, supporting made in Ghana goes beyond passion and hash tags.  It’s hugely dependent on the supply of quality that can be bragged about. Placing Ghanaian culture at par with any foreign soda, is Sobolo Royals.

Enriched in Vitamins A, B3, B6, C, K, Iron, manganese, calcium, zinc, folic acid and fibre; with other essential nutrients beneficial to your health, a bottle of Made in Ghana sobolo has been elevated to international standards.

Sobolo Royals drink is made with natural spices, sorrel leaves, pineapples, syrup and water with no additives. This gives it competitive advantage over any drink you may see hawked in Ghana’s busy traffic jams.

Sobolo Royals puts a taste of Ghanaian memories in a 500ml bottle.

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