Star Moni’s “Madi” song, a bad influence on the youth

Videos circulating online shows how the youth has been addicted to a new street anthem, that makes them go crazy whenever they hear it play
The song titled #Madi which translates to English as “I Ate” comes with a particular dance, that makes you either want to bend down and wine or show your masculine powers in a very provoking manner, has taken over the street.

With videos we have here, both young boys and girls can’t stand still, but rather give this weird dance to it. This has been a normal attitude towards the kind of songs we keep hearing in recent times.

The question many are asking is, is there a body/organization that makes sure some of these songs do not get the attention they are getting? A typical example was “One Corner” from Patapaa, “Wro Wro Wo Ho” by Agbeshie and Medikal, etc.

Are we going to sit down for the song to get maximum and have the negative effect its already having on the youth?

Over the years we have experienced many viral songs impact the youth but the rate at which Madi is rising, if the musicians body do not come out to advice the young ones about such effects, it might bring an incurable virus to the world.     View this post on Instagram         

Madi ah Madi 🤫

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