Stop extorting monies from church members and wait for God – A Plus to Pastors


Controversial musician cum politician, Kwame A Plus seems not have it easy with Religion lately as he continues to be critical of religious people.

In a post on Facebook, the businessman indicated that Pastors extort money from members of their churches to build houses and live better life whiles they ask their members to wait upon the Lord.

“Why do you take from the poor who sell water in Traffic, Use The Money To buy a house in Trasaco, Buy Expensive cars and ask them to wait for God to help them. Are you not closer to God than them? Why don’t you rather wait for God?”

He indicated that “It Was Religious People That killed Jesus. Not The Sinner. Because He Was Exposing Them Like I Do. Religion in most cases is just to perpetuate fraud, suppress people and manipulate them.”

He said he loves God but indicated that he hates churches because they manipulate people.

“I love God. He’s such an amazing God… I hate most churches. They are just robbing people in God’s name.”



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