Syko Genesis – Non Entity

Reggae/Dancehall artiste Syko Genesis popularly known in showbiz as “show killer” has released a new banger which he calls Non-entity.

The idea behind Non-entity is to depict how money has taken over everything in this country.

He stressed on the fact that if you lack money then you become a non entity in the society, people won’t take you serious even if you are making sense.

The “boom boom stylae” hitmaker stressed on the fact that it is inhumane to considers other people as Non-entity’s just because their “pockets are small”

The show killer is noted for releasing songs about morality and how the youth should be living noble lives.

The tramadol abuse concert organized by Syko Genesis last year was the talking point in the showbiz fraternity.

The nationwide tour aimed at eradicating the abuse of tramadol by the youth got massive applause from the society and Non-entity won’t be an exception.

Enjoy the new banger

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