Uncle Ebo Whyte celebrates 63yrs by going back into his 13-year old shoes


Uncle Ebo Whyte’s smile on his birthday was still plastic. His smiles are like complimentary cards, same for everybody on every occasion.

And it was not as if, the weight of his 63rd birthday was lost on him but because of his genetic abashment at publicity.

A man who never loved the limelight of the stage has been dragged onto the stage by his own talent for staging plays.

And so on Joy FM’s Super Morning Show Wednesday, Uncle Ebo Whyte with the benefit of generous Providence, looked back at his much younger 13-year-old self to capture his hesitations and habits.

Ebo Whyte observed he was a late bloomer.

And at 63years, his looks are quite unlike a 63-year old, his wine jacket hanging on a firm frame is quite under 63-year-old.

And some hair clings to a quite bare brown field of his head with the feisty stubbornness of a 13-year-old.

And so yes – Uncle Ebo Whyte is a late bloomer.

Other teens in his life took an early start, growing physically and especially socially for the playwright, was a timid recluse.

A good thing because this social handicap was God’s gesticulation to him to pay attention to inanimate things if animate beings paid less attention to him.

This inanimate object for Uncle Ebo Whyte was books – a great refuge. And by carrying books, the less fancied underdog carried the world until the world found it fit to carry him as a household name.

Today, Uncle Ebo Whyte is Ghana’s entertainment magic wand. He has brought back a Ghanaian love for theatre at a time when DVDs, movies, and series easily engross attention.

Pushing an agenda through his plays, the playwright is explaining life to Ghana’s questioning youth, diagnosing diseases in marriages and relationships to patients to make them laugh before realising they ought to be crying.

Through his Roverman Productions, the man’s plays and books are debated in bedrooms and boardrooms. We may never know the full impact of his work on the lives of today’s youth.

But then again, he never knew the full picture of what he wanted to be when God picked up his life as a 13-year-old boy.

Source: Myjoyonline.com


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