VIDEO: Sponsoring jobless husbands is a ‘curse’ – Counselor Lutterodt tells women


Counselor George Lutterodt has issued a strong warning to women who are singlehandedly financing and sponsoring their jobless male spouses claiming that it is a curse.

In a heated discussion on GHOne’s Tales from the powder room on Wednesday, the controversial counselor said, “women of today are biting more than they can chew. It is not the primary duty of a woman to take care of the home, so if a woman takes it upon herself to take care of their jobless spouse, they should know that it is a curse”.

He strongly advised women against the act noting that “if your ‘jobless’ man does not find work for himself after the sixth month, stop feeding him and give him water to drink till he goes to find a job”.

The ‘emotional fixer’ as he is affectionately called, also said that a married man who engages in sexual intercourse outside marriage but uses a condom is very faithful.

“Any man who cheats with condom is very faithful but stupid because using condom is not easy as you need to erect and maintain erection to fix it. If a man decides that he’s going through a wrong place then among all men you’re very stupid but if you can do it and don’t bring any burden home that is faithfulness,” he asserted.

Commenting on a lady who seeks divorce from her husband who has cheated severally, but after separating from the man returns to get intimate with him though she claimed to have started a relationship with another man, Counselor Lutterodt described her acts as insane.



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