VIDEO: The hidden message behind Wanlov-D-Black’s constant ‘beefing’


Ghanaian rapper D Black born Desmond Blackmore has had his fair share of criticism from fellow rapper Wanlov Kubolor over the years as Wanlov sees D Black as the worst rapper of our time.

Wanlov doesn’t seem to like D Black which is obvious and the least opportunity he gets he tries to condemn fellow rapper D Black.

In some instances, Wanlov has publicly declared that D Black is a wack rapper and he sees him as a business man more man than a rapper.

Last year MTV base Africa released a list of hottest MCs in Ghana and Wanlov was pissed off by the inclusion of D Black. He came out to say that his sister, Deborah Vanessa was a better rapper than the business mogul/ rapper D Black.

As if that were not enough, Wanlov went ahead to say Tutulapato Is A Better Rapper Than D Black.

Speaking on Delay show, D Black has disclosed that Wanlov grew up with his elder brother and also back in the States Old man Wanlov was signed to one of his elder brother’s record label and they had issues so in trying to clap back at his brother who is no more in the entertainment industry he has decided to pick on him.

D Black indicates he has no beef with Wanlov and he’s not offended by his actions. Answering why he did a beef song for wanlov the rapper says he’s a musician and he sees music as the best platform to express himself.



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