Watch: Efya seduces us all with new video.


The New Year is here and we are excited. First of all, let me wish all my readers a happy 2018, as this is the first piece I’m writing after the holidays. We all have different ways of reacting to the New Year and beautiful songstress Efya has given us the right vibe.

For those looking for some love in 2018, here you are;

This video is all you need and will definitely be the reason why you are always out of data.

For those of us, that want to appreciate the good things that came to us in 2017, I’m sure we appreciate the fact that Efya released the audio for “Love” in 2017. The song was released right in time to get on your special Val’s playlist and almost a year later, you get the sequel to the gift.

For those of us who believe that irrespective of the year, consistency is the most important, then lets watch the video and celebrate Efya’s consistent growth. The songstress has not competed with other female musicians, as she constantly shows them support, through features and welcomes them to share stages with her. This is reminiscent of the just ended Girl Talk Concert Bow Out, which saw Efya bring together females from various arms of our industries to make history and be phenomenally thrilled.

Irrespective of how you view the new year, Efya’s new video should definitely be part of the story. As they say, we attract what we focus on. Attract love.


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