West L Boyz – West L Boyz (Full Album)

West L Boyz are a London based Ghanaian music duo whose musical versatility transverses genres. After spending years honing their craft and building their fan base with songs like Grammy and Supermodels, they have finally released their self-titled debut album, ”West L Boyz”.
”West L Boyz” paints an electric and vibrant perspective of West London life, offering very fresh and different vibe that transports the listener on a truly magical journey through the eyes of the West London Boyz. This album is carefully crafted and packaged to restore your faith in albums instead of today’s popular single approach. The West L Boyz believe in putting together a body of work rather than following today’s template of releasing singles.
With a fusion of Hip-Hop, EDM and Afrobeat, West L Boyz’s self-titled album deserves way more attention.

The concept of the album is firmly based on a personal narrative. Most importantly, their dynamic voices combine in perfect harmony. Actually, listeners can feel the energy in their delivery as each tune features audible verses, plus fun driving music. Scottish based radio DJ, The Advocate has shown the duo love on her show, ”Deeplomatikk Radio”, a confirmation to the breaking border sounds that West L Boyz have crafted on their album.
The West L Boyz are currently embarking on their album promotion run and have recently performed ‘Grammy’; a track from the album at the legendary Chip Shop in Brixton which has hosted a plethora of great artists such as KRS-One, Ice-T, B-Real of Cypress Hill, Rodney P, Skinnyman, Pete Rock, Chuck D of Public Enemy, among many others. Now, West L Boyz can hang their name next to legends.
The album is available on all digital platforms and via iTunes here.

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