Woman Dies Doing ‘One Corner’ Dance In Central Region


A woman has died whilst taking part in the ‘One Corner’ dance in the Central Region.

The dance craze, which has taken over the nation, entails people finding the nearest corner and vigorously thrusting their waist at it whenever the viral song ‘One Corner’ starts playing
It’s one of those occasional crazies that take over Ghana but has tragically resulted in a death.

According to reports, the woman was dancing the ‘One Corner’ dance when she fell on the ground and started shaking vigorously.

However, due to her dancing, people thought she was merely showing off more skills.

After the dance was over she remained on the ground and kept shaking, at which point people realized something was wrong. She later fell unconscious and died.

According to GhanaCrusader, her family told the media that she suffers from seizures and had been warned not to take part in the dance craze, but did not listen and went ahead to partake anyway.


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