A cup full of sexiness: Why small boobs are way better

small boobs
With small boobs, you don’t have to worry about sagging.

Small boobs are super fun, and you shouldn’t trade them for the world. We’re looking at 9 reasons why you should love little boobs, too.

Have you ever heard the saying, “More than a handful is a definite waste”? This is a sentiment remarked by small boob lovers everywhere, and we couldn’t agree more! Small boobs are so special that they even get their own type of intimate wear. It’s called petite lingerie. The average small boob size can range anywhere from a petite 32AAA to a 34B.

Breast size is something a lot of women aren’t comfortable with, especially in their early teen years. I’m sure I wasn’t the only one asking my mom when the hell I would be sporting voluptuous and drool-worthy breasts, only to be sorely disappointed by age 18. If you’re part of the tiny tittie committee and don’t plan on ballooning your boobs to breastfeed anytime soon, never fear. There are so many reasons to love your small boobs!

Nine reasons you should love your small boobs

Put your breast envy on the back-burner because we’re giving you nine great reasons to fall in love with those sexy little boobs you’ve got.

#1 No nip slips for you! Have you ever noticed that when your big-breasted BFFs are sporting low-cut tops, you’re practically biting your lip with cringe-worthy anticipation that one of their nips are about to pop out at any moment?

Rejoice, because this big boob problem is not for you! With your small boobs, you can wear the most plunge-worthy red carpet top and never have to worry about too much cleavage, random nipple appearances, or scandalous side boob. Forward to fashion, your little boobs demand it! [Read: 15 signs you’re a high-maintenance woman]

#2 Your breasts are more sensitive in bed. According to one study in Italy and another by the University of Vienna, smaller breasts are actually more sensitive to sexy time play than larger ones. In fact, one study suggested that bigger boobs are 24% less sensitive than their smaller counterparts. So the next time you’re between the sheets with your lover, have them lick, kiss, and pinch your nipples and enjoy every single sensation. Why? Because you can!

#3 Perfectly perky tits. Have you ever wondered about the fate of your tiny titties’ perfectly perky shape and posture? No need! Large breasts tend to sag due to aging and ligament stretching. But since your breasts are small, they really have nowhere to go!

#4 Bra shopping got that much sexier. Bra shopping with small boobs is just about the most diverse and fun intimate shopping experience you can have. Why? With small breasts, you’ll be able to enjoy a wide variety of push-up bras that will hike even the smallest breasts up under your chin. Victoria’s Secret, here you come! What’s more, since your breasts are already small and perfectly perky, you don’t actually “need” all that support. This makes trendy bandeaus and bralettes look that much sexier on your boobies.

#5 Exercising just got 100 times easier. One of the only times a tiny-boobed girl will cease her breast envy of bigger chested ladies is most definitely at the gym. Not only does running with a giant rack seem like the equivalent of carrying eight extra dumbbells strapped around your neck, it can be uncomfortable to find just the right sports bra that will actually contain them.

Rejoice with your flat chest in that you can easily rock a sports bra and never have to worry about holding your breasts down while you’re on the elliptical.

#6 No horrific boobie-inspired back pain. Speaking of big boobs, terrifyingly enough, those sporting a giant pair may actually be at a greater risk for back injury. Our big-chested friends can attest to the almost literal backbreaking pain one can feel just by carrying those figurative jugs around all day long. This pain can even be chronic and spread to the neck, chest, and back.

That being said, you can hang back and go braless for all you care, because back-related physical therapy and medication is so not in your tiny-tittie future.

#7 Easier to detect breast cancer. While having small breasts doesn’t mean that you are less likely to develop breast cancer, it does mean that it may be easier to detect any lumps either by your gyno or during a self-exam. Smaller breasts have less layers of tissue in front of them, which means that any potential lumps may be easier to detect.

#8 You have officially time-traveled… sort of. Small breasts are sexy and we all know it. You know who else had a firm grasp on the fabulousness of smaller boobs? The flapper era. The 1920s saw a change in style and fashion, where the once curvaceous shape of Victorian clothing had now matured into slender women with flat chests and shift dresses.

Shift dresses have come back into style, and these usually take on an almost formless A-line fit. In fact, small busts were so popular in the 20s that big-chested women would actually tape their breasts down just to follow fashion!

#9 Men love them. It doesn’t have to be a tiny boob fetish for men to take interest. In fact, it doesn’t really matter what size your breasts are, men *and women* are gonna stare. Boobs are boobs are boobs, and small breasts are no exception. As long as you have two nipples on your chest, your fella’s going to love them.

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